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Sufyan Sam’an is a dynamic and passionate film director who has an eye for crafting compelling narratives in his works. His ability to portray the nuances in filmmaking is what garnered him his first awards, Best Film and Best Direction in Cine65 Awards for “The Red Packet” which is a personal short film that was inspired by his Chinese Great Grandmother and his nephew.
Sufyan is also very detailed and task-oriented from his 11 years of experience as a 1st Assistant Director where he has assisted numerous local and foreign productions in crafting scenes as well as working with high profile celebrities.
Most of his films are compassionate and character-driven, with a humanistic sensibility that resonates with clients and their target audiences. He has the knack for summoning onion-cutting ninjas with his tear-jerking works such as McDonald’s My Happy Table and MCI’s Mother’s Heart. He also strives to have diversity in his works such as Changi Airport x Porsche Taycan, Stand By Me - Our SG Edition and Art Science Museum’s Science Flair.
Now as the Head of Directing at Vicinity Studio, he aims to nurture and inspire junior directors.
Aside from filmmaking, Sufyan is a simpleton who likes nothing better than spending time with his family. Last but not least, Sufyan is a keeper. I’m sure his wife agrees but that’s mainly the position he plays on his Futsal Tuesdays. 


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